• Echo Rules

    From Moderator@1:282/1031 to All on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 11:21:32
    DADS ECHO CONFERENCE RULES ________________________________________________________________________

    1) This is a support conference for being a dad, which includes discussing
    the problems, life experiences, and enjoyment of being a father.

    2) Please try to keep the discussion related to the idea of being a father.
    Moderating will only occur if the wandering goes too far or for too long.

    3) Quoting. Do not quote too much of a message. This conference is an
    International conference. Just Quote enough to remind the
    receiver of the subject. Please also check that the SUBJECT header
    also matches the content of the message and adjust if necessary!

    4) Test messages are *not* to be sent in this conference. There are plenty
    of "Test" echos for that.

    5) Please leave All moderating to the Moderator! There is the hope that as
    little moderating as possible will be necessary. If and when necessary
    moderating will be handled via Email or Netmail if at all possible, so
    if you do not see a response to an off topic message, do not assume that
    there has not been one.

    6) 'Flames' belong in Netmail, not this conference! That also means that this
    is NOT the place to use vulgar or profane language.

    7) DADS is a real conference, please use your REAL name. ie: Aliases
    are not permitted!

    8) Any message entered from your system should contain enough information
    for a netmail reply. Please use a valid Fidonet AKA in your origin

    9) Crossposting of messages from other conferencess is not welcome here.

    The current Moderator for DADS is:
    Jeff Smith - 1:282/1031 - fido.dads@gmail.com

    If you have a complaint, send it via Netmail or
    email to one of the above Moderators!

    DADS Moderator..

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