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    Since many of our followers live in southern California, we wanted to share this important information about coyotes this Winter!
    We are now in coyote courting season when more coyotes will be seen in pairs as the courting season ritual begins.
    During the courting season, coyotes have been observed romancing their partners in a variety of different ways; playing with their partners by jumping high into the air, dancing around their partners, chasing their partners, and even coming face to face with their partners. Coyotes will have increased appetites and require more food due to their increased extra curricular activities during the courting season.
    Dog owners must pay particularly close attention to their dogs (especially male dogs) while outside during January and even through the middle of February, because coyotes may see a dog as competition (and maybe even a threat). A coyotes natural instinct is to remove the competition (or threat) since coyotes are very protective of their partners. Most susceptible to coyote attack are puppies and older dogs that are less able to protect themselves.
    In addition, rainfall plays an important role in determining the amount of coyote activity in January. Although we will see very little of the coyotes over the next week since coyotes do not like to be in the rain, expect increased coyote activity after the storms completely pass through.
    Coyote activity always decreases as a storm front moves in, because of the drop in barometric pressure makes coyotes more lethargic and less active. After the storm front passes through, barometric pressure increases which in turn increases the metabolisms of coyotes. When coyote metabolisms increase, coyotes become hungrier and thirstier so more coyotes are seen out hunting.
    While tracking coyote activity over the course of a few years, Coyotes OC learned that coyotes were most active in the months where there was the greatest amount of precipitation. Although we welcome rain here in southern California, storms passing through do present a greater chance for a coyote encounter.
    Juvenile coyotes (less than one year old) may also be seen dispersing as they venture out to find their own new home range/territory.
    Due to the increased safety risk for your pets during this time, please remember to always accompany your pets outside and keep them on a short leash to keep them safe.
    This originally appear in Coyotes In Orange County, CA
    A product to protect your dog from coyotes: https://www.coyotevest.com/


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    Since many of our followers live in southern California, we wanted to share this important information about coyotes this Winter!

    I already saw this episode on PBS. but thanks anyway.

    ... A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere

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