• Re: Pwd Changed

    From Phillip Kimble@1:128/2 to mark lewis on Wednesday, March 06, 2019 06:13:51
    Hi Mark,

    On 04 Mar 2019, mark lewis said the following...
    netmail, dude... not echomail ;)
    might wanna change that password, too...

    That was a serious xpost! It was between my OS/2-PB217 system & the "real"
    bbs - no real risk but did as you said for the curious!

    Even stranger is the netmail behavior I am seeing from PB217. If I export netmail 1.msg, the next will be 10.msg -> 100.msg, etc... It seems to be padding zeros but occasionally will increment the netmail msg as expected.

    Like this msg, no way/no where is there a possible xpost situation. I went
    back verifing the pb & fastecho setup. Additionally, why just this one
    message & not the 6 test msgs before/after it? And saw your message come into pb217 but then it disappeared. No longer in DOS echo, not in any mareas scans... Vanished! Ghosts in the machine!!

    Thank you for calling my attention to this.



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