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    From Anton Shepelev@2:221/6 to alexander koryagin on Sunday, November 20, 2022 13:18:16
    alexander koryagin to Anton Shepelev:

    Is there a way to ask an autograph over FidoNet?
    Should be an auto-ASCII-graph, probably.

    Do you need a separate signature? For forging documents?

    Well, `need' is the wrong word here. Does one forge
    documents with an autograph?

    An autograph is usually written on something, a photo
    for instance. You can attach a photo to a message, the
    recipient puts his signature on it, using Photoshop, and
    sends it back to you.

    "It ain't necessarily so:"

    Autograph 0tographe, fr. Gr. ?
    autographic; ? self + ? to write.]
    That which is written with one's own hand; an original
    manuscript; a person's own signature or handwriting.
    [1913 Webster]

    Observe that I craved the honor of receiving an auto-ASCII-
    graph, which is more compatible with the text nature of
    FidoNet. Do you still meet with binary "attachments" to
    FidoNet messages?

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  • From Anton Shepelev@2:221/6 to Dallas Hinton on Sunday, November 20, 2022 13:39:48
    Ardith Hinton to Anton Shepelev:

    Tom [Jennings] is a reclusive anarchist, and doesn't
    respond to most requests about anything, to the best of
    my knowledge.

    This, I think, is a sad pupular misconception, for anarchism
    is based on comradeship and reciprocity, in contrast the
    competition of social darwinism. See, for example, the works
    of prominent anarchist Peter Kropotkin, and especially --

    Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution:

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  • From alexander koryagin@2:5075/128.130 to Anton Shepelev on Monday, November 21, 2022 08:52:11
    Hi, Anton Shepelev!
    I read your message from 20.11.2022 14:18

    AS> Observe that I craved the honor of receiving an auto-ASCII-
    AS> ??graph, which is more compatible with the text nature of
    AS> FidoNet. Do you still meet with binary "attachments" to
    AS> FidoNet messages?

    I see them sometimes -- some old Fidonet guys still send their photos in
    this way. You just need to transfer binary codes to printable ones and
    put it the message. After receiving it you must do the reverse
    operation. Usually they use UUE.

    Although last time it is more and more often that everybody use URLs.
    There are specials sited where you can upload your photo, get its URL
    and send it.

    begin 644 alko_100x100_1k.jpg M_]C_X``02D9)1@`!`@``9`!D``#_[``11'5C:WD``0`$````"@``_^X`#D%D M;V)E`&3``````?_;`(0`%!`0&1(9)Q<7)S(F'R8R+B8F)B8N/C4U-34U/D1! M04%!04%$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1`$5&1D@'"`F&!@F M-B8@)C9$-BLK-D1$1$(U0D1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$1$ M1$1$1$1$1$1$_\``$0@`9`!D`P$B``(1`0,1`?_$`',``0`"`P$````````` M```````"!`$#!08!`0$````````````````````!$``"`0(#!`D"!00#```` M`````0(1`R$2!#%182)!<9'!,H(30P6!H?"Q0F(4<M(C,Y.S5!$!```````` M`````````````/_:``P#`0`"$0,1`#\`]=;A%Q3:6S<2]..Y=@M^%=2)@0]. M.Y=@]..Y=A,P!'TX;EV%*]K]'93E.<:1\5,:<V7&FSFP[=Q7^5NW+J6GM81D M\MV7[.E?79AL5>!PWHIY7?2>V$H6(I1RQA/-3C*E>&9].%`]!#Y32.>27(WE MRYU2N;9]TU1XU6S87K?IW8J<,LHM535&CP]Z-RU?U,K<*I9)QD\V#C_D:K1[ M98N-55["]#47=-<;PMMUDW%/)+':Z?\`8JX>-9J)!ZWTX[EV#TX[EV%/X[63 MU-M.XDI?M=4UT-=?:7P(>G'<NP>G'<NPF`-&2/J4HJ9>\$O=\O>""5OPKJ1, MA;\*ZD3*!R]9\MZ%[^/;MRN3IFEDIRUWG4/.W()Z^_.N*C:C3A2M0-K(QG&7 MA:?4ZDBC>C8^-LW+UJ"C1?IZ7T?=@7<JQIA7:5K=W3PE'2QDL\%2,7XL(_V_ M8T:#Y"=^X[-Z&2XHJXJ5HXNF_IQ_%"_DC7-15WTQ`G:UEC123O3C"+5%7#8= MJ$E-*475-53/*_+0A_&NSDEF4'%-]QZ31_Z+?]$?R0%@``:O=\O>![OE[P!* MWX5U(F0M^%=2)@"IJ=%:O/U7!.Y%<LJ8HMF`.&:M18AJ;;M7%6,MN--F)?UE MI0EF6R7YG#?Q]^#S6=3-;_4I-=@$]+\7:TMYWK;EC'+EDZTV?7H+YSOXNN_] M*_X8F[0:1Z2VX2FYR<G.4GTM_CM`OV=+;U3R78J4%BU+97H.O&*@E&*HE@D: M=+;R6UO>++````:O=\O>![OE[P!*WX5U(F0M^%=2)`9,`UW+T;2K)_0#5K8* M5MOI6)S#;>U$KKQP6XU`#,:.2KLJ8`'<,E#3:O')<^C+P&0#`&OW?+W@>[Y> M\`0E>C:A%RZ5L*\]>_TQ[33JIUDH[HHT`;IZJY/:Z=1I;KBP```````;;>IN M0V.JW,U`#H6]=%^-4XHM0G&:K%U.*;;%QVYIIX5Q`Z?N^7O!CW?+W@#E3=9. MI$S+:S``````````````!>]9Y,_3DI]Z`J9GD^H`2RU>TQR<0`')Q')Q``<G >$<G$`!R<1R<0`')Q')Q``<G$<G$`"7+EZ=H``__9
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    Bye, Anton!
    Alexander Koryagin
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