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    From Anton Shepelev@2:221/6 to Ardith Hinton on Sunday, November 20, 2022 13:29:06
    Ardith Hinton to Anton Shepelev:

    This apparently simple question has brought all sorts
    of interesting people out of the woodwork.

    You mean termites, what?!

    Speaking figuratively, I was including various people
    who don't often say much here but are well worth
    listening to.... :-)

    Yes, I understood you, and made a feeble attempt at a lowly
    joke prompted and insufficiently justified by an implicit
    and unnoticed metaphor of FidoNet as an old, desolate, and
    decaying wooden building, whose last surviving inhabitants
    have retreated behind &c, &c.

    * Origin: nntp://news.fidonet.fi (2:221/6.0)