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    From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to All on Thursday, January 10, 2019 01:10:50
    * This file contains additional information not contained in *
    * the user documentation. Please review it carefully. *
    - Everything in ViaMAIL! is based upon a network, so when defining
    nodelists, echolists, filelists and so on, they must be done so
    for their respective network. The same thing applies when
    defining either a uplink or a downlink, they MUST be a member
    of a network before they will have access to its echo or file
    - During configuration, pressing Alt-O (hold the Alt key down
    followed by pressing the letter O) pops up the menu allowing
    you to navigate to the appropriate option.
    - As part of address validation, ViaMAIL! requires that all
    addresses be defined in one of the nodelist files or as an
    address override. So when entering an address, if the value
    can not be validated, you will not be able to use it.
    - During the installation process, a default address of 1:104/57
    was defined under System Address(es). You MUST change this to
    reflect your actual address. As mentioned above, if your
    address is not in the nodelist, you have two choices. Either
    replace the current nodelist with an updated version and
    recompile or add your address as an override - see Config |
    Nodelist Overrides.
    Following are additional places your new address MUST be
    1) Network Management | FIDONET
    Echomail Options
    -> Uplink request msg | From:
    -> Origin addr on add:
    TIC File Options
    -> Uplink request msg | From:
    2) General Events | DEFAULT
    -> Alias address:
    - During installation, a default uplink address of 1:311/1 was
    defined under Node Management. This MUST be changed to
    reflect your current uplinks address. Again, keeping in mind
    the addressing requirements. Following are additional places
    your uplink address MUST be changed:
    1) Network Management | FIDONET
    Echomail Options
    -> Uplink request msg | To:
    TIC File Options
    -> Uplink request msg | To:
    - After installation, you may start up ViaMAIL! by simply
    changing to the directory you installed it into followed by
    at the DOS prompt. If no Wildcat! environment variables were
    defined, ViaMAIL! will start up in local mode (no modem used)
    allowing you to become more familiar with the program and
    implement the above changes. In addition to the documentation
    found in the \DOCS directory, pressing F1 pops up context
    sensitive help which comes in handy when you're not sure how a
    specific setting should be defined.
    Before running ViaMAIL! to start accepting calls, you MUST
    execute it using one of the LINEx.BAT files (where x = NodeID)
    in order for ViaMAIL! to pass human callers to BBS and back
    again. Normally you should avoid manually editing these files
    from DOS, instead use the:
    Setup | Line Batch Files
    option from the menu via Alt-O. This option automatically
    creates these files saving you a great deal of time and effort
    while at the same time defining the appropriate path
    information for you. When editing the batch file, be sure to
    include the follow environment variables:
    set WCMDM=USR28800
    set WCPORTID=1
    set WCIRQID=4
    set WCBASEID=$3F8
    immediately after the 'set WCNODEID=' at the top of the batch
    file. Of course you would use values that would match your
    COM port and modem definition.
    - This is a special door type program that gets invoked any time
    the user on the BBS attempts to enter a Netmail message.
    During installation, the FIDOENTR.BAT batch file in the
    Wildcat! batch directory was updated to execute VA.EXE using
    the appropriate command line parameters. These parameters
    also include the use of the following environment variables:
    %wcnodeid% - Node ID in Wildcat!
    %wcmdm% - Modem definition file
    If you use these values (see above), make sure they accurately
    reflect the appropriate values otherwise carrier may be lost
    during execution of ViaADDR!.
    - Thank you for trying out the program. If you need support, I
    can be contacted using the following information. Please use
    email as your first line of request as it guarantees I'll be
    at my PC and will be better able to assist you.
    Joe Martin
    303-809-6445 (cell)
    303-953-0568 (bbs)

    FIDOGAZETTE Vol 13 No 02 Page 2 January 9th, 2019


    --- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-3
    * Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)