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    From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to All on Wednesday, May 08, 2019 23:29:46
    A R T I C L E S

    MakeNl Updated

    From Andrew Leary, originally published in the MAKENL message
    echo, May 6, 2019:

    The files are also available from the MakeNL page on SourceForge.


    Filenames are:

    MN350D16.ZIP MakeNL v3.5.0 for DOS (16-bit)
    MN350D32.ZIP MakeNL v3.5.0 for DOS (32-bit/DOS4GW)
    MN350O16.ZIP MakeNL v3.5.0 for OS/2 1.x (16-bit)
    MN350O32.ZIP MakeNL v3.5.0 for OS/2 2.x+ (32-bit)
    MN350W32.ZIP MakeNL v3.5.0 for Windows (32-bit)
    MN350SRC.ZIP MakeNL v3.5.0 Source Code



    -@- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20180707
    !Origin: Phoenix BBS * phoenix.bnbbbs.net (1:320/219)

    FIDOGAZETTE Vol 13 No 19 Page 2 May 08, 2019


    --- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-4
    * Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)