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    I hope all is going well for you these days :)

    Pretty well... things have been quite busy, though.... ;0

    ...and then some days life gets completely bonkers here, and I don't
    have a chance to update web pages at filegate.net ... this week was one
    of "those" weeks. Ron found out via an MRI and other testing that he's
    got arthritis in his spine.
    Oh, dear.... Another option might be to get pressure point injections
    beside the spine... I was caring a few years ago for someone that
    already had been getting too many steroid injections in her knees, hips
    and shoulders for the doc to want to give any into her spine, and was
    not at all a good candidate for surgery....

    He may not be also able to get surgery not so much for those reasons
    but because he is the 'sole caregiver' for his Aunt... there are somethings I just can't help her with (diabetis injections, for
    example). So he's got some app'ts this week to discuss options with
    his neuro surgeon.

    True... some things don't take any vacations, like daily injections...
    so he couldn't afford to be laid up for any period of time.... hopefully
    there will be some good viable alternatives...

    She found relief from the
    pressure point injections... the doctor she went to for that (here in
    the Rochester area) was Cecilia Ransom... she was part of the Unity Rehabilitation and Neurology group, and we saw her at the office at 2655 Ridgeway Ave, Suite 420... I don't know if she has any other locations
    or not, but it might be worth checking out...

    I'll mention this to him, who knows the docs may already be planning
    on discussing this type treatment with him this week.

    Could be... just thought I'd pass it along... I think it's a form of acupuncture... wasn't very common when we discovered it existed, but it
    might be more mainstream now...

    In any case, I hope that Ron can find SOME relief....!

    Thank you Nancy, I also hope they can do -something- soon.. it's kind
    of nutso here right now :(

    I can well imagine... pain isn't at all fun....

    ttyl neb

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