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    From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to All on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 23:00:38
    Original Roger Nelson quotes from netmail Ward Dossche -

    Here are some original Roger Nelson statements, verbatim,
    collected over the years from netmail ... nobody saw them until
    now ...

    On the murder of JFK...

    "I believe certain high ranking officials know who were
    involved, but we may never have anything more than our
    suspicions. In my mind, all the pieces of the puzzle now
    fit, but it is my belief that the public may never know
    because of the crisis that could arise."

    On sysops in Fidonet ...

    "There are people in Fidonet I won't miss, but you aren't one
    of them"

    About the 2nd World War ..

    "A lot of good men on all sides died in that stinking war --
    in ALL wars."

    On liking Roy Witt ...

    "Of course I didn't, but he was a man worth knowing"

    On the opportunity of him and I meeting (this was Oct.17

    "I'll be around for another 9-10 years, so I would like that,

    On Joe Delahaye (sysop who passed away) ...

    "When he passed, I felt as though I lost a lifelong friend.
    His death hit me very hard. I can think of no finer tribute
    to pay to someone I never met, but Joe was a special man"

    On psychological wounds, real or perceived ...

    "I wanted to get along with everybody. We all need each
    other, but when that day arrives, I may not be around to see

    On Jim Garrison...

    "He is an honest man and I used to play gold with one of his

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