• The White Race

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    Hello Everybody,

    Written in 1924, this is a true classic
    of what Europeans once thought of their brothers.
    And yet, still today, there are a small handful
    of folks who look at race as if it was some kind
    of evil that must be purged from this world, as
    shown by some Australian dude who will not be named
    in New Zealand.

    As presidential hopeful Joe Biden said on Tuesday,
    "It's an English jurisprudential culture, a white
    man's culture. It's got to change."


    Behold, my child, the Nordic man,

    And be as like him, as you can;

    His legs are long, his mind is slow,

    His hair is lank and made of tow.


    And here we have the Alpine Race:

    Oh! What a broad and foolish face!

    His skin is of a dirty yellow.

    He is a most unpleasant fellow.


    The most degraded of them all

    Mediterranean we call.

    His hair is crisp, and even curls,

    And he is saucy with the girls.

    ~ Hillaire Belloc


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