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    Hello Everybody,

    I will still use a cup of this and ts of that
    bno matter what you say!

    We used cups in Sweden too. More than a century ago.

    But we figured out that there were more cup sizes than one,
    but only one deciliter. So in the name of reproducibility, we
    went for the universally adopted measurements.

    So to us a tablespoon equals 15ml, a teaspoon 5ml and a pinch
    1ml. I bet neither tablespoons, teaspoons nor pinches are all of
    equal size in your kitchen. Unless of course you have them all
    defined by the metric system... 8-)

    There is also the American standard.
    That is what everybody seems to forget.

    As you know, the favorite American pasttime is baseball.
    And all American baseballs are exactly the same size.
    From Little League, to high school, to college, to Major Leagues.

    In fact, the size of baseballs in the entire world is exactly
    the same size as American baseballs. And they all have the same
    exact weight. Imagine that. The same size and weight. The
    world over.

    This fact has been proven time and time again.

    Even those children who do not have American baseballs know
    how to make baseballs of the same size and weight as American
    baseballs. Even if they do not have the same exact materials
    to make them.

    You think I am making this up? Just ask any Israeli soldier.
    All those children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip throw rocks
    at them. All of those rocks exactly the same size and weight
    as American baseballs.

    Hence the need for Israeli soldiers to wear helmets. Just
    like baseball players when they come to the plate. Except that
    Israeli soldiers use bats made in Israel, armed with unleavened
    baseballs (which makes them much smaller).


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