• Massive Coverup

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to All on Sunday, March 31, 2019 18:49:20
    Hello Everybody,


    There you have it! A massive coverup!
    The president really *is* a crook!
    With his chief ally, AG Bill Barr, his protector!

    Bill Barr auditioned for the job of AG by writing
    a memo. A memo that the two of them (Barr and Trump)
    went over *before* the nomination for AG took place!

    See there? The Mueller Report was all a fix!
    A done deal, with AG Bill Barr deciding, all by
    himself, that Donald Trump was *innocent* of all
    criminal wrongdoing!

    Oh, I am sure the AG will be happy to give
    a heavilly redacted version of the Mueller report
    to the Congress, telling those evil Democrats
    only what his dearly beloved wants them to hear.

    I blame AG Bill Barr for not recusing himself.
    I blame the Congress for confirming the SOB.

    The American people are the ones who are fucked.

    A president with unlimited power, accountable
    to no one. Say hello to Il Duce, Donald Trump.


    Your Hole Is Our Goal

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