• Valentine's Day Massacre

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    Hello Everybody,

    Happy Anniversary!

    The Valentine's Day Massacre - February 14, 2018
    Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida
    17 dead students and staff
    17 others wounded
    1 shooter, who escaped after doing the dirty deed

    It has been one whole year since former student
    Nikolas Cruz (no relation to Ted) went off the rails
    and nailed 17 students and staff with a semi-automatic
    rifle (Smith & Wesson M&P15) and multiple magazines,
    plus injuring 17 others.

    Why did he do it? Must have been the chocolates
    he ate for breakfast at Walmart and MacDonald's
    restaurants just before going to school.

    Hunting students remains legal sport in the USA.
    Including use of semi-automatic rifes to do it.
    However, the NRA is very mad at US President Donald Trump.
    You see, The Orange One put a stop to using bump stocks.
    Probably because some deranged nut lost when playing
    slots in Las Vegas.

    Yep. Must have been the chocolates.

    Two shooters (both students) ran out of chocolates
    and went on shooting spree at Columbine, setting the
    record (for school shootings), on the anniversary of
    Hitler's birthday, which remains the record today.
    Filmmaker Michael Moore made a movie about that one.

    Why people in the USA have a fascination with guns
    is beyond me. Nobody else in the world seems to have
    such an odd obsession. It is not just the "right" to
    own a gun, but an absolute necessity. That seems to
    be the view of most people, even though everybody
    is fully aware of what one semi-automatic rifle can
    do in the hands of the wrong person.

    Would you give a loaded gun to a crazy person?
    Or to someone who is retarded? What about leaving
    a loaded gun at home, in plain sight, for children
    to play with? Well, we all know what happened in
    Florida. And in Colorado. And in a thousand other

    Have a nice day. And please, do hand out the chocolates
    to those you love, and don't love.

    Happy Valentine's Day.


    We Put Big Loads In Tight Places

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