• The New Geert Wilders

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    Our dear friend Michiel van der Vlist may not be a big fan
    of Donald Trump, but he sure is a huge fan of his counterpart
    in the Netherlands -


    That's right. Populists win elections in the Netherlands,
    with new guy leading the charge, his party having even more
    seats than the party led by the current chap who is trying
    so desperately to remain in power.

    What does this all mean? Will this be the end of the
    Netherlands being a part of the EU? Seems likely, given
    the views of those who voted. This is going in a direction
    that is not just about migration, but far more than that.

    The whole world is turning right. Not just the USA.
    The Netherlands is also swinging in that direction. So
    is Germany. Poland, Ukraine, Italy, and other countries
    in Europe already have.

    Japan has turned right, and is turning even more right.
    Emperor Akihito is abdicating at the end of April, the first
    to quit the Chrysanthemum Throne over 200 years. Will the
    Japanese continue to honor the constituion imposed on them
    by the USA at the end of WWII? Not likely, as there are
    plans to use the Japanese military for other than defensive

    The Koreas are moving forward towards reunification.
    Imagine the fears the Japanese will have with a united
    Korea threatening them with nuclear weapons.

    Especially with a US President claiming to be in love
    with a dictator from North Korea.

    And that's not all. With the Netherlands going AWOL
    from the EU, how long will NATO remain intact? Not long,
    in my opinion. Not long at all. Especially when the
    German chancellor hangs up her gloves in the near future.

    Oh what a lovely future this world will soon have.
    Co-chaired by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, with
    aides Dear Leader Kim Jong Un and Chairman Xi.


    Nobody Beats Our Meat

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