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    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to All on Friday, April 12, 2019 01:41:54
    Hello Everybody,

    Why did Ecuador withdraw political asylum from Julian Assange?
    What is it that he and his cohorts do that condemned him to the
    very real possibility of spending the rest of his natural life
    in some gulag in the USA? Does the First Amendment of the US
    Constitution really mean anything? Assange claims he is just
    a journalist. Nothing more, nothing less. Freedom of the press
    only gives censors the freedom to say and print whatever they
    want. Not anybody else.

    Wikipedia gives us the *real* reason why Assange was arrested -

    “Vault 7 is a series of documents that WikiLeaks began to publish
    on 7 March 2017, that detail activities and capabilities of the United
    States Central Intelligence Agency to perform electronic surveillance
    and cyber warfare. The files, dated from 2013–2016, include details on
    the agency’s software capabilities, such as the ability to compromise
    cars, smart TVs, web browsers (including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge,
    Mozilla Firefox, and Opera Software ASA), and the operating systems of
    most smartphones (including Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android), as well
    as other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, and

    Now please, somebody, tell me I am wrong.


    Your Hole Is Our Goal

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  • From Bjrn Felten@2:203/2 to Lee Lofaso on Friday, April 12, 2019 02:21:39
    Now please, somebody, tell me I am wrong.

    Of course you are wrong. We have lots of POTUSs that assure us all that the CIA are the Good Guys.



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