• Russian Doubters

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    Hello Everybody,

    More and more folks are doubting the story about
    NASA landing a man on the Moon. Those fanciful flights
    never happened. It is not just a small handful of
    folks in the USA who doubt NASA's claim, now up to
    20%, along with 25% of Britons. Here is a poll
    showing what Russians believe, with 28% doubting
    NASA's story -


    The next Russian mission to the Moon has one purpose -
    to verify if NASA really did accomplish what it claimed.
    If Russia confirms the conspiracy nutters are right,
    then the cosmonaut who investigates will have become
    the first man who has set foot on the Moon.

    Or maybe the cosmonaut will be a woman?

    "One small step for a woman, one giant leap for womankind."


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