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    Hello Everybody,

    I would pick on Sweden, but as our beloved moderator
    happens to be Swedish, I'll have to pick on Norway instead.
    I do hope and pray all Norwegians are offended -

    Paragraph 4 of the Norwegian constitution (English translation):

    "the king must always confess to/follow the evangelical-Lutheran

    Based on that line, one could argue the king of Norway must
    follow the evangelical-Lutheran religion (be a Christian) because
    it says so in the constitution.

    Wouldn't that be an appeal to authority fallacy?

    If so, it stands to reaon the official US motto "In God We Trust"
    must also be an appeal to authority fallacy.

    Which means, "Trump is always right".

    Now, if I were king I would need a better reason than "it says
    so in a law book". What if I didn't want to follow the Christian
    religion? I can't be forced to be a Christian.

    Which explains why so many Norwegians fled to America.
    Most of them found in the Frozen Nawth, known as North Dakota.

    Is the Norwegian constitution a legitimate authority on the king's
    religion? Should it be? Or does the current king of Norway ignore
    his own religion, like most other Norwegians?

    What about the US constitution? Does the current POTUS follow
    his own religion? Or does he ignore it, like most other Americans?

    Yes, I do believe the king of Norway and the POTUS do have one
    thing in common ...


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