• Eskimos Slay Vikings

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    Hello Everybody,

    It finally happened.

    Eskimos slay Vikings.

    At least in the land of Minnesota.

    That's right.

    The Duluth Eskimos have slayed the once mighty Minnesota Vikings.
    Four-time losers in the NFL Super Bowl sent packing.

    Rather than horns, these Eskimos will be wearing igloos on their
    helmets. Rather than playing with pigskins, these Eskimos will be
    playing with snowballs. Rather than fields of grass or artificial
    turf, these Eskimos will be playing on ice.

    I am not making any of this up. The NFL has placed a patent
    on its new product -


    The last time the Duluth Eskimos played ball, they won 28 out
    of 29 games on the road, as nobody wanted to play them at home.

    The New Orleans Saints are looking forward to a rematch with them.
    Preferably at home ...


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