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    Hello Everybody,

    Who says Germans are dull and boring?

    Harvard grads laugh and cheer as German Chancellor Angela Merkel
    tells her story -

    Source: Bloomberg


    Without ever mentioning the U.S. leader by name, the German chancellor
    checked off a list of policy issues where she has clashed with Trump --
    from trade, to immigration and climate change -- that left her audience
    in no doubt as to whom she might mean.

    When she called on the students and university alumni to "tear down
    walls" they rose to their feet -- Trump’s 2016 battle cry, of course,
    was to "build the wall" to keep out immigrants coming across the border
    with Mexico.

    “Tear down walls of ignorance and narrow-mindedness, for nothing has
    to stay as it is,” Merkel said in a speech that drew from her own
    experience of life behind the Berlin Wall to argue that positive change
    is possible.

    Yet she also warned of the damage done to public life when people
    treat "lies as truth and truth as lies" and suggested it’s better to
    stop and think before acting on "first impulses" -- comments that
    prompted cheers and laughter.

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    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-30/merkel-attacks-trump -s-unilateral-world-view-in-harvard-speech

    Oh, what a lovely speech, don't you think?

    Lee, graduate of Harvard On The Bayou

    Change Is Cumming

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