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    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to Moderator on Saturday, June 01, 2019 01:13:04
    Hello Mr Moderator,

    Last night, a championship event was held
    for the Scripp's Spelling Bee. The contenders
    were all school children, no adults allowed.

    With three rounds left to go, 8 school children
    remained. At the end of the competition, all 8
    school children remained standing.

    As a result, with the judges having run out of
    words for the school children to spell, it was
    declared that all 8 school children were the
    official winners of the competition.

    Octo-Champs. Of all the school children in
    the USA competing for the grand prize of being
    Master Champ, 8 were declared Octo-Champs by
    the esteemed judges of the competition.

    There is a point as to why I am bringing this
    up to you, the official Moderator of the Fidonews.

    Of those 8 school children, 7 of those school
    children were of Indian descent. Which clearly
    shows that Indians are the best spellers in the
    whole world. Or at least those who have made
    their way to the USA.

    Now think of what this means.

    India is the largest democracy on earth. And
    India has just conducted a national election, with
    some 900 million Indian voters participating.

    No need for Indians to use electronic voting,
    as everybody uses paper ballots. I mean, Indians
    are the best spellers in the world, and almost
    never make mistakes reading what is on the ballot.

    Therefore, I move that the Fidonews include
    articles written by Indians, in their own native
    script. Just think of the time the editor would
    save, not having to make corrections for spelling

    So. What do you say? Does my proposal pass
    the editor's test? 8 school kids already have,
    including 7 of Indian descent ...

    Congrats to all the kids who won. They deserve it.


    Nobody Beats Our Meat

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