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    ================================================================= FIDONET'S INTERNATIONAL KITCHEN =================================================================

    Gravlax with gravlaxss
    By Bjrn Felten, 203/208
    Originally published in Fidonews 08 Dec 2003
    Slightly adjusted after feedback from the readers

    1 fillet of salmon (with skin)
    10 cl sugar
    5 cl salt

    3 cl (two tablespoons) mustard
    3 cl sugar
    3 cl vinegar
    1 eggyolk
    10 cl good cooking oil
    salt, pepper & chopped dill

    The fillet must first be frozen for at least three days, this
    because there is an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny chance that it can
    contain a small parasite. It is perfectly harmless when dead, and dead
    it will become after three days in the freezer. Obviously the fillet
    must be thawed before continuing with the preparations. :)

    First make sure you get the bones out of the fillet. They are all
    evenly located (with some 5-10mm distance) in the middle of the
    fillet. Place the fillet skinside down and gently run your finger over
    it to locate the bones. Use a pair of pliers to gently remove them. Observe the angle they have, so you can pull them out the same angle.

    Now place the fillet in a plastic bag. Mix the sugar and the salt
    and add it into the bag. Give it a good shake, and then try to remove
    as much air as possible before sealing the bag with a knot.

    Place the bag in the fridge and put a weight of some kind on it, a
    table plate or two is enough. Let it marinate for three days. Turn
    the package over once a day, while giving it a good rub, to make sure
    the sugar/salt mixture can reach every part of the fillet.

    After three days take out the fillet and rinse it carefully under
    running water.

    Once again place the fillet skinside down on a cutting plate and
    try to carve as thin slices as possible. The slicing angle should be
    very shallow, so you get as big slices as possible, but angle the
    knife just before you reach the skin and then go horizontally.

    The slices can be rolled to form little roses, or can be just put
    on a plate, nicely arranged.

    The sauce:
    Mix mustard, sugar, vinegar and eggyolk carefully. Then add the oil
    first a drop at a time, while whipping (just as when you make
    mayonnaise) and then at an increasing rate. Season with salt, pepper
    and chopped dill to your own liking. A typical Swedish sauce has
    *lots* of dill in it, but very little salt & pepper.

    This is a typical snack like dish. You can put it on toast or eat
    it alone, with a good dash of the 'gravlaxss' on it. If you make
    roses out of the slices, you can use it to garnish any seafood dish.


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