• My Prisoner

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to All on Friday, July 26, 2019 03:12:53
    Hello Everybody,

    Fabio Bizzi is my prisoner. :)

    We have long time trolls like Lee Lofaso posting in Fidonews,
    hiding behind a BBS, refusing or too incompetent to get a node
    number, etc. yet no consequences for him; he appears to be
    welcomed with open arms / open legs.

    I saw the "Lofaso" troll in action and I agree with you, he is

    When I met fidonet for the first time in the middle of the '80s
    the moderators did their work and the SysOPs were more respective
    about the rules and the moderators directives.

    When I met the internet newsgroups the first rule that I learned
    was "don't feed the trolls", and I think that it could be still
    useful with mr.Lofaso but he should be kicked off by the node
    owner because I still believe that fidonet isn't internet and it's FB>messages should be qualitatively better than internet news messages, FB>otherwise why join fidonet? :)

    My, my. Fabio is beginning to sound like the late Dr. John
    of New Orleans, asking why I don't shut d fonk up?

    Gosh. Looks like I've got me a spaceship relationship. :)


    I Take A Sheet In The Pool

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