• Free Speech

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to Fabio Bizzi on Friday, July 26, 2019 19:45:29
    Hello Fabio,

    In an echo reserved by sysops to gossip amongst themselves about
    who or whatever they want, you went on a rampage about freedom of
    speech, claiming that such an echo was not good enough for you.


    Furthermore, you continued on, citing the injustice this is causing
    for your fellow sysop, Bj”rn Felten, current editor of the Fidonews.
    Being a stickler for rules, you did not want to upset your fellow
    sysops in the "sysops only gossip" echo. On the other hand, you
    also wanted all messages posted in the Fidonews to remain on topic.

    As you realized, you can't have it both ways. So you decided to
    offer a few suggestions.

    Since I have been made the main topic in the "sysops only gossip"
    echo, then it is only logical that I should be able to have full
    read and write privileges to participate in your esteemed gossip

    Therefore, as a means of improving your "sysops only gossip" echo,
    you decided (on your own) to ask the Bj”rn Felten, current editor
    of the Fidonews, to enforce his own rules.


    Since Allen Prunty is no longer able to continue the duties
    of moderator of the FN_SYSOP echo, by default Bj”rn Felten resumes
    his moderatorship of that same echo.

    Since Bj”rn Felten has stated no objection to non-sysops having
    read and write access to the FN_SYSOP echo, it is official echo
    policy that the FN_SYSOP echo is open to all - not just sysops.

    Of course, you are welcome to continue posting messages of your
    own in the Fidonews echo. It remains open to all - both sysops
    and non-sysops. Just like the FN_SYSOP echo supposed to be.

    So there you have it. We can both have it both ways.

    Freedom of speech in the echoes of our choice.


    I am offering you an opportunity of a lifetime. To freely
    express yourself here, there, and everywhere. For all to read,
    and chime in, about whatever the fonk you want to say about me
    and others.

    Of course, do realize, that we (not just me!) also reserve the
    right to express ourselves here, there, and everywhere. For all
    to read, and chime in, about whateveer the fonk we want to say
    about you and others. That is kind of the way freedom of speech
    works. Or supposed to work.

    So please. Type on. Now's your chance. Here is your original
    post, as found in the "sysop only gossip" echo.

    Your Lord and Master,

    But hi is off topic.

    We have nothing, yet, in Swedish law that limits the freedom of
    speech based on being on topic or not. I usually tell him when he's
    too far off limit, and he always respects my request. Good enough
    for me.

    But we all toghether are in a Fidonet Echo Conference and this
    conference is ruled by:

    1) A general policy
    2) A specific policy (where available)
    3) Conference specific rules.

    An these rules are "Super Partes" they rules over the specific
    country rules as usual for an international network.

    You are the moderator of fidonews and you (or someone before you)
    wrote the rules that are reminded to all of us periodically, this
    is the core of your rules:



    The purpose of this echo is the discussion of recent articles (within
    the last two weeks) in the Fidonews publication.


    Discuss only articles printed in the Fidonews Publication. A certain FB>amount of straying from this is however expected and encouraged.


    So, how many times mr.Lofaso followed these rules?
    Unless for you "a certain amount of straying" for you is "always FB>straying". :P

    Freedom of speech is a binary freedom, like every other freedom.
    Either you have it or you don't. As soon as you apply even a minor BF>restriction, that binary goes into NOT -- hey presto, you no longer
    have it at all.

    You should talk about certain arguments in the proper echoes, Sysops
    have even three chat conferences, other conferences with the topics FB>usually used by mr.Lofaso are available for standard echo conference FB>users, so again why he is writing off topic messages in the wrong
    area? :)

    You have the freedom to speech about everything also if I don't like
    your arguments (Voltaire docet) but you have to do it in the proper
    area with the proper terms IMHO.

    The same goes for every freedom you can think of. Either you have
    it or you don't. There is no middle way here, you only are
    manipulated to think so...

    Freedom without rules is called anarchy. ;)
    And Anarchy is always wrong.

    I really like the way you defend freedom and how you feel about it,
    but rules are necessary if you want to respect the freedom of
    everyone. :)


    We're Great In Bed

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