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    Hello Everybody,

    Who wants to live forever? Name-callers, that's who!

    Andy Warhol once famously declared "everybody deserves
    their own 15 minutes of fame."

    I have found a way on how to better that.

    All one has to do is call US Senator Mitch McConnell
    a "Russian asset". Or give him a new nickname, "Moscow Mitch".

    That is exactly what Joe Scarborough, a former Republican
    congressman, did on live television Friday morning, on MSNBC.
    This name-calling really got under the Grim Reaper's skin,
    and he decided to get even.

    So, at the end of the Senate's business, Mitch McConnell
    rose to have his own say - to an empty chamber but live on
    C-SPAN, what he thought about all of this.

    I will not repeat what was said due to this being a family
    network. However, it should be noted that all of Mitch McConnell's
    comments were entered into the Congressional Record, meaning what
    was said about him will live on for eternity.

    The Congressional Record is like a Permanent Record. Once your
    name has been entered into it, it stays there forever and can never
    be deleted. Quite different than a presidential tweet, which is
    quickly forgotten by everyone almost the instant it has been read.

    So if you really are serious about making yourself famous - get
    Mitch McConnell mad. Really mad. The madder the better. And do
    make sure he remembers your name. :)


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