• Captain America RIP

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    Hello Everybody,

    Captain America (aka Peter Fonda) has died at the age of 79.
    May he rest in peace.

    Peter Fonda
    b. 23 February 1940
    d. 16 August 2019

    "I don't trust anybody who didn't inhale." ~Peter Fonda

    "I was named Beekeeper of the Year by the Florida State
    Beekeeper Association." ~Peter Fonda

    "I want to die in the saddle. I love writing, producing,
    acting, directing." ~Peter Fonda

    "It's wonderful to me that bees have this simple, age-old thing."
    ~ Peter Fonda

    "I have always maintained that society has no business
    dictating morality." ~Peter Fonda

    I loved his role in "Easy Rider", directed by Dennis Hopper,
    as he played the biker by the name of Captain America. It was
    not really a motorcycle story, as some suggest, but rather a
    story about the times we lived in, and the changes society
    was going through. The movie was nominated for two Oscars,
    but awards are easily forgotten. It is the stories that are
    told that live forever.

    His last film will be coming out soon. He probably got his
    wish, dying in the saddle, with his crew asking "Where's Peter?"

    Anyway, we still have Barbarella around. Now if only we can
    get sister Jane to come out of hiding to act another part ...


    Our Nuts, Your Mouth

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    "I don't trust anybody who didn't inhale." ~Peter Fonda

    "I hate Airbus planes" ...


    --- D'Bridge 3.99
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