• Faking Your Own Death

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    Hello Everybody,

    Pseudocide (faking your own death) is not illegal.
    However, in order to do it most people would think
    they'd have to break several laws. And then would
    come the hard part - staying dead.

    There are no federal or state statutes that ban
    pseudocide. After all, why should there be? Most
    folks want to stay alive, rather than even pretend
    they are dead.

    But you know how things go when one is young.
    Especially those who are teens. Gotta have some
    fun, at the expense of others. Which is why so
    many of them use instagram and/or facebook, and
    have one of their friends get folks to visit
    their "RIP" site.

    For those who want to know how to do it, here
    are the instructions -

    How to fake your own death -


    Now that you know how to do it there can be no excuse.


    Make Sure Your Next Erection Is In Safe Hands

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