• Supreme Dictator of Fidonet

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to All on Sunday, September 15, 2019 23:12:58
    Hello Everybody,

    Censorship is alive and well in Fidonet.

    Or so a small number of sysops would like to think. But some
    troll went and upset their apple cart. So what do they want?
    "Do not feed the trolls" is their battle cry. When that didn't
    work, what did they do? They continued crying out loud,
    repeating their battle cry, "Do not feed the trolls." And the
    troll continued having fun, at their expense. So what did they
    do? They demanded their secret hiding places place a sign "No
    trolls allowed" outside the door. And yet the troll continued
    doing its thing, and everything remained the same. After falling
    flat on their face so many times, sysops were more than eager to
    find a solution for their woes. So Nick Andre offered to give
    them exactly what they wanted.

    The Z1C (Nick Andre), who was selected rather than elected by very
    small group of sysops within Zone 1, is getting into the act by
    telling a very small group of sysops from all four zones he wishes
    to be selected rather than elected as Supreme Dictator of Fidonet.
    Why? So he can do the dirty work of getting rid of their nemesis -
    a certain "troll" (along with anybody else they can think of) -
    who will remain nameless (and blameless) - for them.

    Don't believe me? Just read what your future Dictator Wannabe
    wrote in one of those not-so-secret hiding places otherwise known
    as sysop echos -

    -=begin Nick Andre rant=-

    I'm wondering how many ways there are to deal with trolls
    in Fidonet ...

    I'm not supportive of any filtering/twitting; thats NAB-level
    nonsense we do not need repeated and why should anyone do any work
    just because a troll usurp's an echo. Whose network is this anyway,
    the Sysops or the trolls?

    If asking politely fails, and the operator of the trolling system
    chooses to continue under the guise of "free speech", then there is
    one effective way.

    But we first need an IC...


    -=end Nick Andre rant=-

    As everybody knows, trolls just wanna have fun. What do you
    think a troll will do when Nick Andre becomes Supreme Dictator
    of Fidonet? What powers do you think he will have over trolls?
    Especially trolls like me? Oh, this is funny. Too funny.

    "Good men don't need rules. Today is not a good day to find
    out why I have so many." ~The Doctor

    We'd better hope we do not explode from too much laughter when
    he is selected (rather than elected).


    We Make Your Wet Dreams Come True

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