• Unlimited Free Speech

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to All on Sunday, September 15, 2019 23:13:04
    Hello Everybody,

    Fabio Bizzi had a Fizzi -

    |Hello, All.
    |when I left fido some time ago, sysop's conferences were
    |limited only to sysops, for a lot of reason that you can
    |easily imagine.
    |Now I see that a well known troll reads all our messages
    |in the sysop's echoes, well I have nothing to hide, but if
    |a conference is reserved to sysops why give read access to
    |normal users?

    |Why the "new fidonet" that I joined again is so similar
    |to the Anarchic Internet? :)
    |Please dont't feed the trolls. ;)

    "You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one
    thing in common: they don't alter their views to fit the
    facts; they alter the facts to fit their views."
    ~ The Doctor

    Unlimited free speech. Don't you love it?
    Transparency for everyone!
    Trolls Rule!!!


    Sleep With Someone New

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  • From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to Ward Dossche on Monday, September 16, 2019 00:50:06
    Hello Ward,

    One more time -


    I know that the sysop areas are available for anyone to read
    at various places simply by error and and I have made the same

    I don't even mind that, there's a point perhaps where we should
    be welcoming extra-participation and fresh blood.

    However, what was written by a particular troll in the FIDONEWS-echo
    about the death of sysop Roger Nelson, a man whom I would call the
    "Gentleman Sysop", got me totally upset.

    It's time to deal with the trolls ...


    Those are your own words. Found in one of your not-so-secret
    "sysops only" echoes.

    There is no "perhaps" concerning unlimited free speech. That
    doesn't cut it. Not by a long shot.

    You know, as well as everyone else in Fidonet, that I have not
    impugned or maligned Roger's memory in any of my public messages.
    Nor have I impugned or maligned his memory or character in any
    private messages.

    Death is a fact of life. People from other cultures have
    different viewpoints concerning death than your own. Does
    death upset you? Do you find such thoughts disturbing?

    "Freedom of speech is not without limits." ~Ward Dossche

    Who the hell are you to decide? Who the hell is anybody
    else to decide? If you love dictatorships, move to North
    Korea. There is a short fat man with a funny haircut who
    loves to tell others what to do, and how to do it.

    "It's time to deal with the trolls ..." ~Ward Dossche

    Resorting to name-calling is an intellectually dishonest
    debate tactic. It is used it in order to try to diminish
    the argument of an opponent by calling the opponent a
    name/names that is subjective and unattractive. That is
    what you are doing by calling those who do not agree with
    your POV "trolls".

    President Donald Trump resorts to name-calling all the time.
    Is he your hero? Do you think he has won any arguments by
    calling people names? His latest job approval rating is 38%.
    And dropping.

    IOW, you have lost the argument. Preaching to the same
    choir which has also lost the argument.

    Name calling is intellectually dishonest when the name
    in question (trolls) is ill defined or is so subjective
    that it tells the listener (Fidonet audience) more about
    the speaker (Ward Dossche) than the person (trolls) being
    spoken about.

    You claim all sysops should welcome new participants,
    including non-sysops. And yet you have never done so
    yourself. Why is that?

    You want to "deal with the trolls"? I'll tell you exactly
    how to do so. Invite everyone to fully participate in all
    that Fidonet has to offer. Unlimited free speech.

    You and your fellow sysops can start by inviting all to
    join in with full read/write access in every "sysops-only"
    echo there is and ever will be.

    Trolls just want to have fun. So should we all.


    Our Nuts, Your Mouth

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