• afraid to fix fidonet.org

    From August Abolins@2:221/360 to Nick Andre on Monday, March 18, 2019 06:46:40
    Nick Andre : August Abolins wrote:

    But it is safe. It is easy to put in another DNS at any time..
    I also suggest looking at a recent nodelist, scroll down to Region 50.

    I have looked, what should I particularly be noticing?

    ..The name server system that runs fidonet.org is a BSD
    deployment with BIND and Perl generating the DNS records
    from entries in the Nodelist. This is done to satisfy a
    segment of Fidonet that is often ignored in most
    discussions... Russia.


    Why can't anyone reach the persons who rely on those entries and confirm things? If they are active, there would be someone to contact.

    ..The last time I checked, I saw
    at least a hundred or so A, CNAME and MX entries just for Region 50. There are subdomain entries for Region 50 to essentially clone the operation

    Hmmm.. Subdomain entries at this point could certainly be an issue. But then, maybe it could not - based on the lack of knowledge/confidence anyone has to do
    anything about it. :/

    ..The fidonet.org system just became overtly complex.
    Since nobody has yet established a concise dialog with the
    Russians about their use of the DNS system in this way,
    I would not suggest breaking things for them... they take
    Fidonet a bit more seriously.

    Apparently not serious enough to "establish a concise dialog". :(

    How have the previous attempts of almost-concise dialog been done sofar? How has the fidonet family been kept up to date about this issue?
    Has it been recorded in the newsletter over the years? Can I read up on the matter somewhere?

    No criticism, *just* asking questions.

    Would this be good to move to FIDONET.ORG echo. (?)


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