• Blackface

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    Hello Everybody,

    I am sure the entire world has already heard about,
    and seen, the picture of the governor of Virginia wearing
    blackface when he was a student in med school. When
    explaining his actions to reporters, he said he did not
    believe it was him in the picture. But he did admit
    to wearing blackface at a costume party in an effort
    to look like Michael Jackson. According to the governor,
    who is white, he only used a little bit of shoe polish
    to do the trick. And then only just below his eyes so
    as not to make himself look like a full-fledged black

    Why it took him three whole days to decide the person
    wearing blackface in the yearbook was not him but somebody
    else remains a mystery. And only the person who wore the
    klansman costume knows who that was.

    Assuming the governor was telling the truth, the man
    who was not wearing blackface in the picture must have
    been him.

    So why is everybody so upset? The governor said he
    was sorry. And promised not to do it again.

    There are a few holes in his story.

    First of all, only the truly stupid would use shoe
    polish as blackface. Even if they had the right shade
    of black shoe polish it would not work. Don't believe
    me? Grab some shoe polish and wipe it on your face.
    No need to shine and buff. Just let it dry, and then
    be careful you do not touch your face before it does.
    Then try to wipe it off. And hope you do not have
    to go back to work (or anywhere else in public) for
    at least a week.

    Black folk know how to make blackface. But since
    they have their own natural face, they have no need
    to apply artificial coloring. But they do have to
    apply whiteface if they want to be white.

    How to make whiteface -

    Mix some non-toxic lotion with a little non-nano zinc
    oxide. Or buy some organic diaper rash cream that has
    non-nano zinc oxide. Apply on face, then let dry.

    Howto make blackface -

    The very first thing a white person needs to do is
    make whiteface. Being white is not white enough for
    blackface to work as it should. Apply whiteface on
    face, then let dry. Then comes the fun part.

    Combine these ingredients -

    1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch
    1/4 teaspoon refined white flour
    2 teaspoons honey
    1/2 teaspoon water
    natural food coloring (if color other than black desired)
    activated charcoal (if blackface is desired)

    Once whiteface is dry, apply blackface (use above recipe).

    For the color impaired, here is a chart on how to make colors -

    yellow + blue = green
    blue + red = purple
    red + yellow = orange
    pink = just a few drops of red
    black = activated charcoal

    1. make whiteface
    2. apply to face and let dry
    3. make color of choice
    4. apply to face and let dry


    Often Licked, Never Beaten

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