• Unwanted echo messages

    From Fabio Bizzi@2:335/364.1 to All on Monday, October 07, 2019 16:17:26
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    Hello All!

    I've written a perl script for the Husky HPT mail processor that filters unwanted echo messages from selected Echo Areas, the script has a configuration
    file where you can filter messages based on the From/To fields, Echo Area Name, source node or a mix of the three.

    The filter is available in the fidomimac file area on the 2:335/364 node, you can download it from the ]\/[imac Rebirth BBS via telnet at mimac.bizzi.org port 2323 or via FREQ at the node 2:335/364 with the magic ECHOCLEANER (il will
    send the latest version of the filter) or via HTTP on http://mimac.bizzi.org/fileBase/fidomimac .

    It's in beta and it was tested ony on two linux systems, if someone would like to test also on other system I'll be happy to correct any bug/issue that could be present.

    I hope it could be helpful for someone that likes the old style fidonet echo conferences. ;)


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