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    From Tommi Koivula@2:221/1 to Daryl Stout on Friday, February 21, 2020 11:23:56
    *** Answering a msg posted in area 'fidotest'.


    Well, in this case the boss does not have a password with this node.

    I just require a password for my connects.

    According to the nodelist your should accept mail by ITN and IBN.

    Both fail.

    Please fix your mailer and/or the nodelist entry.

    === Cut === ,33,The_Thunderbolt_BBS,Little_Rock_AR,Daryl_Stout,-Unpublished-,300,CM,MO,XX,I NA:tbolt.synchro.net,ITN,IBN
    === Cut ===


    * Origin: 2001:470:1f15:cb0:f1d0:2:221:1 (2:221/1)