• A question to all the nodelist clerks.

    From Henri Derksen@2:280/1208 to Björn Felten on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 17:34:00
    Hello Bjorn,

    So, what code page do you think would be best?

    Your solutions apparently fits the Scandinavian country,

    And all other countries using CP850.

    I can only repeat what I wrote in the FIDONEWS echo just a few days ago:

    "Ah well, CP 850 is the primary code page and default OEM code page
    in many countries, including various English-speaking locales (e.g. in
    the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada)."

    That started when Windiows 3.1 came in, somerwhere around 1989.
    Before that many DOS systems still used CP437,
    and even today UniCorn BBS at Dos 5 is still CP437.
    At that time starting in 1991 it was strictly forbidden to use High ASCII, i.e.
    characters above 128 in almost every Echo Mail message Area.
    Indeed 7 bit ASCII was and still is the most common denominator.
    Since 1987 Acorn RISC OS machines use Latin 1.
    So when I want to read High ASSCII in the correct way I had to use the BBS machine in stead of de RISC OS Point system.
    Or change the charset at the RiscPC to IBM ;-(.

    Are you saying that your country is not included?
    Or that it does not include almost all countries in the western world?

    CP850 is NOT covering all connected systems worldwide.

    Yes, I know that it can't handle Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and a lot of other languages, but will you claim that it does
    not cover the vast majority of countries actively taking part of the international Fidonet?

    As I cant't read these languages, I still do not use their codepages.
    For me High Ascii is most of the time garbage, and only the Next key is
    my way out. You can say it is spam ;-(.


    * Origin: Connectivity is the Future; UniCorn BBS 31 26 4425506 (2:280/1208)