• CFBBS sysop going away

    From Michael Luko@1:266/512 to All on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 18:49:00
    I will be on vacation from my regular full-time job, setting up and working at Creation Festival held in Mt. Union PA, from 6-20-19 till 6-30-19.
    I should have remote access to my system when internet and phone service gets hooked up on site.

    The BBS will be running fully on auto pilot. Darlene Marshall, current Co-Sysop, will be acting sysop if for some reason I don't have remote access during my absence. Darlene has the ability to validate new callers. She can also lockout problem callers till I get back. She will be monitoring mail flow and node activity. In the event of missed mail runs or locked up nodes she has a key to my apartment to reset my computer or release a locked up node. There is an unresolved timing issue on some doors where BBS time stops and eventually will catch up to real time, therefore ZMH may become out of sync with real time. Darlene Marshall can be reached via the following email address: marshal474@aol.com should there be a pressing issue that needs to be resolved before I get back.

    Region 13 node segment processing is handled unattended on Tuesday 8pm as it normally does. The mailrun after receiving the nodelist, nodediff and the fido news letter will make available those files for FREQ.

    Last year the were extreme periods of slowness with the connection onsite during the peak of the festival to the point it would take 15 mins to type a message. If that happens I will be doing minimal replying and maintenance just to make sure everything is running stable and high priority messages get answered. I will play catch up on non-critial issues and normal chit-chat
    mail when speeds are tolerable or when I get back.

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