• Expired Domain names

    From Kees van Eeten@2:280/5003.4 to All on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 17:39:48
    Hello All!

    The Nodes in the list below use domain names as contact information in
    the Nodelist, nothing wrong with that.

    1:114/480 theechozone.com
    1:114/625 therealmbbs.com
    1:116/4148 kj4tkv.org
    1:128/3 asgard-bbs.net
    1:267/153 amachat.org
    1:282/1058 oldhabitsbbs.com
    1:300/4 b-o-g.net
    2:362/0 msmacbbs.com
    2:5022/49 k-113.ru

    The sad part is that all these domains have expired.

    For all these domains, the grace time, where others cannot apply for these
    domains has passed as well.

    It would be nice if the NC's of these nodes would contact the respective
    Sysops, for current contact information.

    Now, the entries in the Nodelist are just useless placeholders.


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