• The Transfer Of Pain

    From Daryl Stout@1:19/33 to All on Thursday, September 10, 2020 00:05:54
    A certain man was taking his wife to the hospital to deliver their
    first child. The doctor wanted the couple to know if they wanted to
    try out a new medical technology...which would transfer all the pain
    from the mother to the father.

    The couple said they'd be glad to assist, and so both were wired
    for sound, and as the labor pains started, the doctor decided to
    send 10% of the pain over to the husband, since he felt that he could
    not stand any more pain than that.

    Well, the husband apparently had a strong pain threshhold, as it
    didn't bother him, and he told the doctor to crank it up to 20%. So,
    the doctor did so, and still no change with the husbands vital signs
    or pain level, yet the wifes pain was lessening.

    The couple asked the doctor to raise it to 50%, and so he did. Again,
    less pain for the wife, and none for the husband. The doctor was simply stunned, and they said "go for the max", so up it went to 100%. Yet, no
    pain was felt by the husband, and the wife delivered a healthy baby,
    with very little pain involved.

    However, when they got home, the milkman was found dead on the porch.
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