• Argued Hearing

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    A man and his wife started out in the car after a quarrel. She sat
    in the back seat, and continued to berate him for his faults. In her excitement, she pounded on the car door, and it flew open.

    Several blocks later, one of their neighbors flagged the man down.
    "Your wife fell out of the car back there," he said.

    The man looked over at the back seat, and replied "Thank goodness!!
    I thought I had lost my hearing".

    -- Tal Bonham


    A young lady was having problems with severe coughing, breathing, etc.,
    so, she called her doctor to set up an appointment to see if she had a
    bad cold, or was coming down with pneumonia.

    In the examining room, he has her take her shirt off, and asks her to
    inhale deeply, so he can hear if she has fluid, congestion, etc. in her
    lungs. He tells her "big breaths". She replies "Yeth Thir, and I'm only Thixteen".

    -- Unknown


    A couple was in a fancy area restaurant, and they saw some friends at
    another table. Greeting their friends, one of them asked the gentleman
    a question...and he promptly planted a big kiss on the other couples
    wife, with her husband sitting right there.

    The problem was that he was losing his hearing, and that he
    misunderstood the question...which was actually "How are the kids??".
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