• Your Car Is A Lemon

    From Daryl Stout@1:19/33 to All on Wednesday, July 08, 2020 16:41:38
    Signs the Car You Just Bought is a Lemon

    1. As you leave the used car lot, you see the owner rush out with a
    gigantic smile and high-five the salesman.

    2. You notice that the car phone they threw in "for free" has a
    direct line to Moe's Towing Company.

    3. The booster cables are not in the trunk but are permanently
    soldered to the battery.

    4. The hood has been equipped with a push-button device for quick
    and easy opening.

    5. The "Purchased From" sticker at the bottom of the rear license
    plate has been removed.

    6. You get a "Good Luck" card from the previous owner.

    7. As you drive up to a service station for gas, the mechanic opens
    the big door to the service bay and waves you in.

    8. When you leave for work the next morning, you notice a tow truck
    parked about a block from your driveway. As you drive by, it
    silently falls in behind you.

    9. The little "Service Engine" warning signal in the dashboard comes
    on and reads "It's Me Again."
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