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    From Rick Smith@1:340/202 to All on Monday, April 27, 2020 14:55:02

    Now that everything (except netmail) is working on my point setup, I am beautifying my setup a little. So when you first fire up golded I get a
    screen with all the message areas. I would like to sort them by network,
    when I just had golded pointed at mystic all the message areas were listed in my golded cfg and I could give them group id's and sort them using AREASEP.
    Now tho the areas are not individually listed in golded cfg instead it points to husky for the areas. So I have been reading and I can separate or sort by AKA which kind of works but how do I name the sort? or AKA I see that you can have a line like AREASEP !ECHO "something" group id echo is there a way to
    make a statement like that work with AKA sorting?

    Wow thats long winded I hope you can sort out what I am trying to achieve...


    Rick // Nitro

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