• Greetings from MontaninIX!

    From BEAR DOGG@1:135/392 to ALL on Friday, February 17, 2023 21:24:12
    Been a loyal user of Ubuntu Linux since June 2006 when they released
    Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Starting in 2008, I developed remasters of Xubuntu
    Linux, first called Xubuntu Xtreme and then XXCE.

    Last year, I revived my desktop customization thing and released a
    remaster of Ubuntu 22.04 called Zoonity Desktop. However, with the
    direction that Canonical is taking Ubuntu, I have decided to move
    Zoonity to being based on Debian Sid, and as such, it has taken on a new
    name: MontaninIX.

    You can find my project at https://twitter.com/MontaninIX
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