• MakeNL v3.4.9 packages for Debian/Ubuntu

    From Rj Clay@1:120/544 to All on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 13:55:14

    I have updated the MakeNL package on my ftn.rocasa.net (1:120/544) system to an
    i386 build of the new v3.4.9 version of MakeNL. This is not only to test the changes that have been included in the version but also to see if it helps with
    the issues I've been seeing with some (currently 2 of 4) of the weekly runs of MakeNL.

    Since I needed to build it anyway, I've also made it available if anyone else would like to test it using the Debian/Ubuntu versions. It is available for freq as follows:
    MNDEBX86 i386 package build
    MNDEBDBG Debug package for that build
    MNDEBSRC Debian source archives for MakeNL

    They are also available from the FTN package repository here for Debian v9 using the following sources line:

    deb https://ftn.rocasa.net/debian stretch main
    deb-src https://ftn.rocasa.net/debian stretch main

    Note that they are also available for both i386 & amd64 for Ubuntu Cosmic, Bionic, Xenial & Trusty at the following URL:


    Any questions or comments, please let me know.


    Greetings, Rj Clay
    email: admftn@ftn.rocasa.net

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    * Origin: ftn.rocasa.net (1:120/544)