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    (maybe still does) an underlay of the original brick road, with the
    trolley tracks that ran in the middle... I'm pretty sure they've taken
    out the tracks now... it's all paved over with asphalt anyway....
    We have only one section of trolley track left, which runs under a
    viaduct (underpass for the CSX mainline).
    I don't know if more remain or not. The powers that be started
    asphalting streets in the '50s.
    Another great thing about brick streets is road repair. If done
    right the bricks are taken up, whatever underneath is repaired, the
    bricks put back and you can't tell the street had been dug up.
    Too often asphalt is just put there.

    People just don't appreciate the benefits of some older things...

    while to join up if you haven't already... Some years I've paid for my membership just in the maps and trip routing... ;)

    I figure when I stop a motel if Mapquest or Google doesn't have a
    short cut listed the people there will know the city streets.
    If nothing else the above will be more detailed due to my position.

    Possibly... hope that does work out... :)

    ttyl neb

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