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    e-Ministries #0033
    by: Jon Justvig ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Greetings brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus and those that are
    interested in Christianity or even just for viewing purposes. All are
    welcome to read these ministry messages. I appreciate all of you that have been reading and going through the different articles I've been writing. It has been an inspiritation and motivation to keep these articles going as I
    get more people interested. I write these for the work of our Lord Jesus!

    Into the Holy Bible... where do you find yourself at this point in the Word
    and you relationship with Him? Everyone has a different level of devotion
    and quality of time we spend with God. With this busy world and all the new gadgets out there, it seems to hinder our relationship with the Lord. We
    need to set aside time for God as much as we can and pray without ceasing. Constantly praying and having a God minded conscience.

    I call you brothers and sisters because God planted a garden and wanted a family. At some point we're all somewhat related throughout our history timeline. It all began with Adam and Even. That was the first relationship
    to have ever existed and it all stems from that.

    I appreciate you spending time reading and the quality of time you spend
    with our Lord God in Spirit. I write as the Spirit leads me. When I am prompted to write, I get my paper and pen you might say and just write what
    is on my mind.

    Inspiration and motivation comes to me as those of you that give me positive feedback that encourage me to keep writing. It's my pleasure to write. I'm not that much of a reader; yet I really enjoy writing.

    When we start our relationship with God, we're given milk like an infant to comprehend the writings that are in the Holy Bible. As we mature and grow
    in Faith we're able to eat more nutrition food from the Word. Put all those things that we used to do that we know that aren't right behind us and lean
    on doing what we know in our hearts that are right. This is how we build
    our relationship with God, just like any relationship... we should start
    slow and see what we're getting into. Believe me, investing time in God and read the word is the best investment you could ever make.

    In His Holy Name, I pray. Amen.

    ... What is mind? No matter! What is matter? Never mind! - Homer S.
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    e-Ministries #0033
    by: Jon Justvig --------------------------------------------------------------------------

    I enjoy reading these. THank you!

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