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    From Jimmy Anderson@1:116/17 to August Abolins on Saturday, June 13, 2020 11:16:00
    August Abolins wrote to Jimmy Anderson <=-

    In other news: I think actors get paid far too much for the
    fun of pretending to be someone else.

    LOL - you should try local community theatre. I have been in
    two local productions and LOVED it!!! No pay, it's all
    volunteer, and LOTS of work and time, but it's VERY very fun
    to pretend to be someone else. :-)

    Life is not at a point where I can relax and participate in fun things like that. But it has crossed my mind. Even if I just had a bit part
    with a couple of lines would have been fine.

    Would be a good way to 'break the ice,' so to speak...

    ... Baby boom: Noise made when an infant breaks the sound barrier.
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