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    There's a motorcycle chase in one of the Bourne movies (can't remember which one) but the assassin is chasing Bourne along the streets, across impossible barriers, and finally under an overpass roadway or
    something.. but the chase scene runs for several l-o-n-g minutes as the fight continues between the riders of both bikes. Very intense. The editing work for that sequence had to be a brutal job.

    For some reason I never saw those movies... Hmm...

    Jack Reacher (first one) was a tremendous movie to me!

    The 1st JR was an excellent script. The toughness of the JR character
    of the books came through well. The 2nd one seemed a bit too mushy in places wrt to his supposed daughter, but the pair-up worked well.

    Yeah, I can't even remember what the second one is about, but I've seen
    the first one SEVERAL times.

    And Edge of Tomorrow is a HUGE favorite too!!!

    I watched the Edge of Tomorrow after having seeing it mentioned here recently. It was pretty smart in a time-travel twisty kinda groundhog
    day sort of way. Cruise did quite alright.

    One of my favorites for sure! Along with A Few Good Men... I'd like to
    see the stage production of that...

    For a film involving alien+human cohabitation (or is it?) check out "District 9" from 2009. It wasn't anything like what I expected. The storyline was smart (a message about alien+human coexistance) and the special effects were amazing.

    Another one I never got around to watching... Will have to check that out!

    ... I don't hallucinate anymore, the Thing driving the UFO cured me...
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