• Oscars 2022

    From Denis Mosko@1:153/757.1315 to 1223717052 on Saturday, January 07, 2023 19:58:24
    Hi All...

    Oscars 2022

    The biggest news of the night seemed to be the Chris Rock vs Will Smith incident.

    I personally don't subscribe to the tv services that carry the broadcast. But I find it interesting that, except for a quick-list of top winners,
    the most memorable thing that gets reported is the Rock-Smith confrontation.

    Besides that, did your favourite movies get the nod that you hoped for?

    /|ug! Who is wife of Will Smith?

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    Hello Denis Mosko!

    ** On Saturday 07.01.23 - 19:58, Denis Mosko wrote to 1223717052:

    [...] Who is wife of Will Smith?

    Ummmm... Mrs. Smith? :D


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