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    From Al Kaiser@1:142/926 to All on Thursday, June 27, 2019 07:31:32
    A couple of notes.

    First of all a number of Cable Networks and also a number of broadcasters
    have announced that by the end of 2020 the will be broadcasing in 4K. My cable company COX is one and I'm happy to see that as I have a 49" 4K TV. It will
    be interesting to see if I need to exchange my Contour Box or the one I have will pass the 4K signal.

    To receive it over the air your 4K TV will need to have a 4K tuner. There are not many if any who have a 4K tuners. Some manufactures will be changing their lines to include 4K tuners.

    If THAT wasn't enough Sony and Samsung are now producing and selling 8K (!). TVs. I've seen a 75" Samsung 8K TV at my local Best Buy. One thing I notice is the screen gets very hot! (It radiates heat when you put your hand near it). Also it is hard to compare the quality of 8K to 4K because they never both play the same content. Also in the store the TVs are all set to VIVID
    to show the brightest picture which gives a false impression of their actual quality, (both 4 and 8K). The 75" retails for $5900.00, that will come down
    as they manufacture more models and sizes as the 4 K's did, (I saw a 4K 43"
    TV for $230.00 on the showroom floor.

    The biggest 8K screen in 98, (yes ninty-eight) inches. It is sold by MAGNOLIA and retails for $69000.00. It is "not available" until the fall.

    Now if I could only get Netflix to drop standard DVDs and start stocking 4K DVDs that would be great.

    There still is no 8 K media planned but there is 8K media on the internet.

    What is the next step? 16 K?

    Al Kaiser n1api@cox.net <=-

    Thanks and take care!

    Al Kaiser - Meriden, CT, 27-Jun-2019 at 7:31.
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