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    PKZIP and dosemu don't play very well, especially if you are using a 64bit linux os.

    There is a way to disable DPMI (which causes the issue) via command line,
    by adding -) to the command line, but that really doesn't help if the zip
    and unzip routines are hardcoded into software, like interlord.

    Alas, after a shit load of research I have found a work around.

    First you will need pkzip 2.04g (google for pkz204g.exe or ask me to drop it
    in your inbound).

    Create a directory via dosemu to house pkzip and pkunzip (I created one in my doors dir called pkzip).

    Copy and run pkz204g.exe, it should uncompress all the PK stuff into doors/pkzip.

    Create a file in your pkzip dir called pkzip.cfg and add the following to
    that file:


    Next you need to set the path for your pkzip folder and disable dpmi for pkunzip via your autoexec.bat. Edit autoexec.bat and add the following to
    your path statement:

    d:\doors\pkzip (where ever your created your pkzip folder)

    so my path statement looks like this now:

    path z:\bin;z:\gnu;z:\dosemu;d:\doors\pkzip

    you also need to add the following to your autoexec.bat file right after your last lredir statement:


    Now exit out of dosemu and head back into it so that your new autoexec.bat takes effect.

    As to why PKZIP uses a cfg file and PKUNZIP requires a variable set is beyond me, why not use either or for both. Then again, we are talking about the
    90's here/

    You should now be able to run pkzip.exe and pkunzip.exe from any directory without getting the dreaded DPMI error.

    If you have any questions, there is a huge discussion on SciNet in the
    gaming echo about beating dosemu into submission when it comes to running
    old dos door games in linux.

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