• QWK from old readers

    From Flavio Bessa@4:801/189.1 to All on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 00:20:46
    Hello everybody.

    I am a fan of offline readers. Although MultiMail is a fantastic reader
    and works very well, every now and then I like to experiment with old offline reader programs.

    Very well, one of the few that still ran at my Windows XP machine was one called OFFLINE, version 1.58, from former Fidonet sysop Harvey Parisien.

    I tested it with two QWK packages: One from my Mystic board, configured
    to use regular QWK packages (not QWKE), and another one from a dialup-only system we have in Argentina that runs RemoteAccess 2.02 and JC-QWK, for good old times' sake.

    Funny enough was that OFFLINE was able to read the packet from the Argentinean system without issues, but the packet from my Mystic board got there completely garbled.

    MultiMail can open both packets.

    What would be the difference between them?


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