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    From mark lewis@1:3634/12.73 to greg youngblood on Friday, April 19, 2019 11:16:44
    greg, if you are in here and reading this, would you please either

    1. switch the setting requiring secure sessions with your binkp mailer on your 1:123/130 node?
    2. contact me at my wkitty42 account on gmail so we can set up security passwords?

    i've got routed netmail that's been sitting here since 2019 Mar 09 and cannot be delivered because that secure sessions setting in the binkp server section of your config is blocking all of my system's attempts at delivering the mail... this setting is also blocking all other systems from delivering unsolicited netmails they chose to send direct to your 1:123/130 system...

    if anyone else has greg's ear, can you please contact him and walk him through changing this setting?



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